August Country Rankings

Country Portfolio Notes August 2017

  • Global equities marched higher in July, with the MSCI ACWI up 2.79%. The average country was up 4.64%, and the range of returns for July, between countries, was 13.88%.
  • All country returns YTD are positive. Canada is the worst performing country YTD, up 7.23%. The top countries are Austria (44.47), Poland (42.61), Turkey, (40.24), and China (35.96). The average country is up an amazing 22.52% YTD.
  • China’s top ranking is supported by an attractive blend of strong Fundamentals, positive Momentum, and low Valuations. China shows strong growth in EPS, Sales, and Leading Economic Indicators. It is ranked 3rd overall in six month USD price momentum (up 27.3% vs. a country avg. of 17%). It also exhibits a forward P/E ratio of 13.5x vs a country avg. of 15x.

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