May Country Rankings

 Country Portfolio Notes May 2017


  • The United States was up slightly, up 1.05%. Japan was the same, up 1.05%, and Europe as a whole was up 3.53%. Europe was the best performing region for the second straight month. EM wasn’t far behind, up 2.19% during April. EM is still the best YTD, up 14%.
  • All countries returns stayed positive so far for 2017. Canada is the worst performing country YTD, up 0.33%. The best is Poland, up over 31%.. The top countries are Poland (+31%), Turkey (+23.5%), and Spain, Korea, and Mexico (all up over 17%). The average country is up 12.62% YTD.
  • Japan fell 9 spots to 16th This is due to deteriorating Fundamental dat. Japan has a 7.9% ROE vs a country avg. of 9.5%. We are currently hedging our Yen exposure.

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