Join David Allen at the Global Macro ETF Strategist Conference June 26

Topical Discussions,

Tactical Approaches

The Global Macro ETF Strategist Conference is a first-of-its-kind event that will bring together many of today’s leading global investors to discuss the current state of the global markets as well as what we can expect in 2015 and beyond.

David Allen, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Accuvest, will speak at the event in a session on emerging markets. Join David, your peers, and many more featured speakers as takes a closer look at the global economy and how you use certain indicators to position client portfolios, while reducing risk and lowering volatility.

Thursday June 26th 12:00–12:50pm

Convene Conference Center (Financial District) NYC

Re-Emerging Markets: What Countries & Approaches Will Lead in Coming Years?

Moderated by Oliver “Olly” Ludwig, Managing Editor,

David Allen, Vice President, Accuvest Global Advisors

Darshan Bhatt, Co-Founder & Deputy CIO, Glovista Investments

Emerging markets continue to be a source of growth, but the market has turned. Export-oriented emerging markets face head winds, while consumer-driven growth thrives. Are the emerging markets set to drive growth for another five-year run, or has recent market weakness changed the outlook? Topics to be covered include:

  • How to evaluate individual EM countries
  • Managing and understanding liquidity risk
  • Currency hedging and currency risk

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