Our Newest Whitepaper: Multi-Style Global Equity Investing

Today we are excited to offer our latest whitepaper, “Multi-Style Global Equity Investing: A Study on Combining Fundamentals, Momentum, Risk and Valuation for Improved Performance“.

PDF imageMulti-Style Global Equity Investing

This is the first paper of its kind to look at the performance of a multi-factor approach to investing in equities across countries, and not just within countries.  Some of the key study highlights include:

  • Factor exposures exhibit alpha across countries, not just within countries
  • Momentum and valuation factors generate the greatest outperformance
  • Factors exhibit low correlations to each other, creating valuable diversification opportunities for portfolio managers
  • Long-only multi-style portfolio, using fundamental, momentum, risk and valuation factors, significantly improves absolute- and risk-adjusted performance
  • Long/short multi-style portfolio substantially outperforms long-only benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis

Our previous whitepaper, “Do Countries Still Matter?” is also available by clicking here. The piece won the Stephen L. Kessler Writing Award, with Honorable Distinction, and was picked up by IMCA in 2012.

We hope that you find our research valuable and informative. We ask that you leave your name and contact information if you would like more information on Accuvest, our portfolios and strategies, or this whitepaper. We will also be hosting a webinar on my Multi-Style Global Equity Investing findings, so please let us know if you would like an invitation to attend.